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26 October 2013 @ 08:23 pm
If you haven't gone beyond ch13 in FE: Awakening, then this is SPOILERS for you.

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23 September 2011 @ 03:11 pm
Oh, ffs.

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Therefore, no. Calling Jaffar a possible Complete Monster and then refer to him and Nino as "lolicon" and "pedophilia redems?" is bullshit. STOP IT.

No love,


PS: Cossposted to hated_character
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22 June 2011 @ 08:50 pm

 Dear Wolt, 

Please to be gaining the speed. For the love, you are Rebecca's son! You should have enough speed for you and Dorothy and Klein combined yet you really aren't double attacking very often and I don't even know. 

Still love, 

Oh, and about Wolt...

Dear Lance, 

Look, I know you have this compulsive need to cling to Alan 24/7 but Wolt needs your supports too, 'kay? Don't make me get his A support with Roy because that'll mess up everything with Lilina and Thany and everyone else. 

Make some new friends, 

Dear Oujay, 

You're awesome. 

Much love, 

Dear Joshua:

The meme is a lie. I promoted you into Assassin since Marisa was already a Swordmaster, but you did NOT forget how to do regular attacks. Why didn't you crit almost ANYONE, man? ;A;

If not for Silencer kicking in more than once, you would've been even more screwed. Not even the Killing edges solved it!

Loving you still but growling,


PS: You and L'Arachel should've had a double ending too. :(
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Dear Fire Emblem Wiki users:

A wiki is supposed to be un-biased. By this, I mean that it shouldn't have opinions leaning towrds one side or another, meaning that at least a good part of your personal thoughts should be kept to yourselves or confined to your user pages. Yup, the info you give is sometimes VERY useful for my gameplays and all, but it brings me to one of your biggest flaws.

Please, PLEASE stop the goddamn statwhoring.

Believe it or not, a character that isn'ta super top notch fighter isn't useless, stupid, or "can't compare" to others just for not killing an enemy in a single stroke every time. Really! I know Edin and Claude have no skills of their own in Seisen, but that doesn't make them horrible charas and their High Priest class isn't a loss of time to train. Radney and Janne and the other replacement children may not have the super l33t bonuses that the canon kids have, but that's barely a reason to bash them all over. Knoll from Seima is fragile and has bad luck, yeah, but that doesn't give you the ultra right to make him look like The Worst Seima Chara Ever or something. For the love of Goddess, LEAVE YOUR GODDAMNED BASHING OF DIADORA, YURIA, MICAIAH, CORPLE, RADNEY, RENAULT AND OTHERS'S STATS/USEFULNESS OUT OF THE WIKI PAGES. That's not what they're there for!

Really, when you use poor Yuria's page to "browbeat" and "yell" at Diadora for being soooo useless and having suuuuch subpar stats and whatever else, one knows that you guys aren't much better than the reviled GameFAQs guides that bash everyone left and right.



 Dear mods, 

I really hope I'm doing this right. 


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