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Fire Emblem Rants

When will people learn?

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ranting about Fire Emblem
what is fire emblem?

...If you don't know that, I think you're in the wrong place, my friend.

Fire Emblem is a series of strategy RPGs created by Intelligent Systems (which is owned by Nintendo). There are currently eleven released. It became popular in the emulation world with Seisen no Keifu (FE4), and gained worldwide popularity through the inclusion of Marth (FE1 and FE3) and Roy (FE6, cameo at the end of FE7) in Super Smash Brothers Melee. The seventh game in the series, Rekka no Ken (Blazing Sword in the US), was translated and sent overseas. From then on, the US has been getting Fire Emblem ever since.

what's this community about?

[Bad username: f_emblem_rants"] is a community for Fire Emblem fans to rant about anything Fire Emblem related--the fandom at large, specific (un named) people, fanfiction rants, fanart rants, character portrayals, how characters are being RNG raped... If it's about Fire Emblem, you can rant about it here.

This community is not your personal LJ, therefore we don't care about your failing a test or how you didn't get into Harvard. You have an LJ. USE IT. We understand that sometimes you accidentally post to a community instead of your journal. I've done it, you've done it, we've all done it. So if you want to post an entry about how those OMG MEEN!!11 preps snickered at your really crappy photo manip of you and Celebrity Hunk #342 in your locker, take it to your LJ.

And obviously, if you hate Fire Emblem, this community isn't for you.

This community also does not tolerate wank. Any wank that results will have comments frozen and/or comments being disabled on the actual entry. If you want to cause wank, do it elsewhere or on your LJ. We're all mature people here, really. (I hope.)

In short, abridged terms: this is a rant community. People will be offended no matter what you talk about or how much you sugar coat things. Deal with it. Not everyone shares the same opinion as you.

There is no limit on what is ranted on here. Rant all you want about the Sues or grammatical mistakes, how Character A's not leveling up very well is pissing you off, etc. etc.. This is a place to vent your frustrations in peace without worrying about saying the wrong thing or having to worry about walking on egg shells about certain topics. After all, what's the point of a ranting community if you have to watch what you say? Just no death threats or anything against the TOS, please.

community runnings

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